About us



In 2020, when Fonocase was established, nearly everybody had a cell phone. Nearly everybody had an iPhone or an Android. Likewise, nearly everybody had a Phone case on their cell phone of decision. What they didn’t have was… a cool Phone case. Everybody had a case the size of a block or an unstable piece of plastic stuck together from the second-hand store not too far off. What we understood… there was a phone case issue.

So, what did we do about it? All things considered, from the outset, literally nothing. We thought and considered how to make a gorgeous defensive Phone case. Through innumerable long periods of configuration, arranging, creation, and testing, we made a line of Phone cases that everybody could appreciate. A smooth and thin model, the “Flexi” for our moderate voyager. Just as the “Extreme” case which was ideal for those searching for a tough and experience tried extra.

Nonetheless, we had two different stunts up our sleeves. The genuine item “Fonocase” and customized Phone cases. Fonocase would give individuals from a select local area fun and novel Phone cases on a common premise. Likewise, we would have the option to make a gathering of individuals that upheld our vision. Moreover, we accept each Phone case is unique. Very much like their proprietors, each Phone case has their own character. Therefore, we empowered YOU to make your own. Appreciate interminable plan highlights in our Customize Your Case fashioner and show the world your character, through a Phone case.

Our vision is very broad for the gaming industry expanding beyond our current line of products and we just getting started. Stay Tuned

Create a custom phone case to protect your phone

Nowadays people live with their phone almost glued to their hands. The more you use your phone, the bigger the chance is that something will happen. Our customized phone cases are made to protect your phone. The chance your phone will be damaged is massively reduced when you protect your phone with a custom case. The most phone cases are very boring, that’s why people often prefer to take the risk of damaging their phone. Your own customized phone case by Fonocase is the perfect way to protect any phone. You can design your own case just the way you like it. This way you will protect your phone and still look fancy.

Pricing and delivery

All prices include printing and shipping. During the checkout you can view the delivery options and expected delivery dates. Most orders will be produced and shipped within 3-4 working days.

Top quality phone cases

Customize your phone cases through our custom case maker. With all our experience and high-end machines, we’re able to print your photos in the best quality. Not happy with the quality of your case? We will replace your case free of charge. Because of our competitive prices, you can create multiple custom cases and wear the case that fits your mood on the day. Select your “case of the day” is something many of our customers do these days. With your own personalized case collection, you can switch your case every time you want to.